Lifelong Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Saint Luke the Evangelist Parish is committed to a process where all parishioners of any age are invited to grow in their experience of their own Catholic Faith.  Our programs are centered around these principles:

a.   The centrality of Sunday Liturgy as the “source and summit” of our lives as Christians

b.   The need to connect worship – learning – service

c.    The desire to be flexible for family schedules while at the same time providing quality religious education educational materials for students, parents and parishioners

d.    For school students, a need to dissociate our religious education programs from the “school system” and the “grade level mentality”

  1.     Focus on intergenerational learning (as per Diocese of Manchester initiatives)

                    2.     Focus on group / age appropriate learning

                    3.     Connect Sunday Liturgy with religious education experience with parishioners

    e.     A clear focus on the meaning of the Catholic experience  

                    1.   Life-long learning as a basis
                    2.  Witnesses as teachers   
                    3.  All are invited to share in the learning process 

We offer programs for adults each season of the year.  Some past topics included:

Six Weeks with the Bible: Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; Acts of the Apostles; 1 Corinthians; 2 Corinthians; Becoming a Praying Person; Relating to Others as Jesus Would; Living for a Just Society

Catholicism 101; The Saints; The Sacraments

Prayer Breakfast in the Winter on a Saturday with a Guest Speaker.

Each Lenten season, we offer the Disciples on the Journey Program as a way for children, young people and adults to enter into the Scriptures of the Lenten season.


Some upcoming programs include:

Six weeks Bible Study reflecting on The Mysteries of the Rosary

Disciples on the Journey Lenten series

Prayer Breakfast in the Winter on a Saturday with a Guest Speaker.


Religious Education

All Religious Education programs for children and youth (middle school and high school) will be held on Sundays mornings.  (General religious education information is included here.  For a registration form, please go the Religious Education tab.)

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