It is true that in the Diocese of Manchester, the age for the celebration of Confirmation is heading down to 3rd grade, where by 2021, students all over NH will receive Confirmation and Eucharist for the first time at age 8.

But it isn’t too late for older children and teenagers to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation!

Special preparation programs for older children and teens are available.  Please contact the Religious Education Office at 603.382.8324 for more information.

A Confirmation preparation program for adults (18+) is also available!  Contact the Parish Office at 603-382-8324 for more information.


Adult Confirmation

Maybe ….

it’s time

To re-connect with your Church

To re-new yourself and others through

the unique power of the Holy Spirit who guides us

in Love and Truth.

If you are a baptized Catholic, have received your First Communion, but decided against Confirmation as a teen, maybe NOW IS THE TIME for you to re-consider Confirmation.

  • Maybe you weren’t ready when you were sixteen years old.
  • Maybe you didn’t want to be pressured into it by your family and peers.
  • Maybe you weren’t sure that Catholic is who you wanted to be.
  • Maybe you were just beginning to doubt that what you were taught as a child — about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, the Eucharist, the saints, eternal life — was all too good to be true.
  • Maybe you were overwhelmed with school commitments, personal disappointments, and feeling that God really didn’t care if you were Catholic anyway.

God does care about you.  For some reason, God chose you to be born into a family that would bring you to the Catholic Church for Baptism.

So maybe  — just maybe — now…it’s time….to make your own choice.     Confirmation.

If you are 21 or over and were never Confirmed, contact the Parish Office.  In a program of just four sessions, practicing Catholics can be prepared to celebrate the gift of the Spirit in their lives.  Maybe it’s your time.  Call 603 382 8324 or go to